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"I had the opportunity to see Flower & Flame perform their adaptation of “Christmas Carol” in December in Burke, South Dakota.  I assumed I would enjoy the performance, but I couldn’t have imagined the talent that I was to see!  It truly was an other-worldly experience, which captivated the audience through and through.  The instrumental talent alone carried us away, and the brilliant narration was more than mere “frosting on the cake.”  It was a magical night that set the stage for the holidays perfectly.  The talented musicians played to a packed house in our small town, and the community absolutely gushed about the performance afterward.  People are STILL talking about it!  It is a joy to behold such talent here in Small Town, South Dakota.  I have been blessed to have enjoyed musical performances on Broadway in NYC; in Tampa, FL; in Chicago; in Sydney, Australia; in L.A.; in Toronto; in San Francisco; just to name a few.  Flower & Flame have such talent and expertise in only four musicians that they rival each of the performances I’ve seen anywhere in major metropolitan areas.  I look forward to my next opportunity to see them – it can’t come too soon!
— Pamela G. Osnes, Ph.D.

"We have brought the Flower and Flame group to Watertown on a couple of occasions, the most recent being in December 2014 for a performance of "A Christmas Carol." The performance was attended by about 150 people and exceptionally received. We plan to bring the group back again as often as possible because of the unique musical format that it employs. We have no doubt that the next performance will have even greater attendance. Grant support by the SD Arts Council makes it easier for those of us who work with a limited local budget to bring great artistic talent to our community."

—Brad Johnson, concert promoter

"Congratulations and a tip of the hat to the VFW and Commander Jim Osnes for bringing a real Christmas treasure to Burke when he was able to secure “Flower & Flame,” truly a South Dakota treasure. It was one of the most memorable evenings this writer and the better half has had in a long time. Everyone who was fortunate enough to attend the presentation was simply in awe."

—Jack Broome, from Jack Broome’s “From the North End” column, Burke Gazette

The Flower and Flame concert is always the highlight of our Labor Day weekend!" - Dave and De Knudson

"I have to wonder if the stories of Hans Christian Andersen we heard as children were complete? The actor comes on stage and tells the tale, which is followed by the quartet's music. Each story would come to life through the instruments and bows of the group, and through Maxim’s cello I saw an ugly duckling become a swan! I’ll never know the stories  of H.C. Andersen the same again." –Joe Stiller and family

"Flower and Flame is a talented, dynamic group of professional musicians. Their concerts are educational as well as exciting. The blend of the group and quality of their performances is amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone." - Leah M. Van Dam

"For those unfamiliar with our opera house; the auditorium simply comes alive with their music. The music not only soothes and pleases, but the narration of the music's origin helps one to better understand the feelings and emotions present when it was written." - James O'Grady, Exec. Dir., Homestake Opera House, Lead, SD

“It is amazing how much of our best music lends itself to storytelling. In fact, it is storytelling. This year I was reading a new translation of Andersen’s fairy tales. I remembered my grandmother telling me some of these stories when I was a child in Poland, but I hadn’t yet read them as an adult. I was amazed at how great they were for grown up people, too. I started to imagine an evening full of the same weird beauty and strangeness that I was picking up from the tales. I began working with an actor and we came up with something to capture some of that magic feeling. We even use stand-up floor lamps and an old-time parlor carpet. Some people from the first audiences told us that they felt like they were in their grandmother’s living rooms for a story.” - Magdalena Modzelewska, player

Some frequently asked questions...

Q: How long are the shows, generally? A: Almost two hours with one intermission.

Q: Can kids come? A: It depends on the theme. Hans Christian Andersen was great for children nine and up. Other programs might not hold their interest as well. Classical music needs some sustained concentration. Very young children may be disruptive during the quiet passages.

Q: How do you pick the theme for the shows? A: The writer and music director work closely together to agree upon a theme. After that, they choose music and write the script with the music as a guide.